Sunday, June 5

 Pongal special kolam
Pongal is a very popular harvest festival celebrated across Southern India specially in Tamil Nadu. It is a four day festival where people worship the God of Sun and other deities to show their gratitude. During this festival people Clean their Houses, wear New Clothes, Cook Delicious Dishes and have Fun. Last but not the least making Rangoli or Kolam is a traditional ritual which everyone will do. People draw nice images popularly known as Kolam in Tamil Nadu in front of their houses, which not only looks nice but also a part of the celebration.
The materials used for drawing Kolam are Rice Powder, Rice Paste, Marble Powder, Colored Powders, Leaves and Flowers. The design mainly consists of Dots and Lines that together make a meaningful design. Usually dots are used for the drawing. Then these dots or points are joined together either with straight lines or curved lines. Various Plates, Boxes and Rollers with Designs are available in the market. You can also make a design from your imagination. Usually Geometrical Designs are made on
Pongal. Sometimes Pongal designs with Sugarcane and overflowing Pots are also prepared and messages like ‘Happy Pongal’ and ‘Welcome are also made. Another design is made by making twisted chains and by linking one loop to the other. This way a nice design is formed which is called Chuzhi Kolam.
All the members of the family get involved in making these beautiful designs in front of their house or at the main entrance which make their house more gorgeous and beautiful. No house in Tamil Nadu will be found without a Kolam at the entrance door during the festival of Pongal. The Kolam is a part and parcel of the ceremony as also this grand festival.
                     Pongal designs collections from the web 


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